Al Frazzini's golf school, golf lessons

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Golf is a game of distance
and direction;
the right distance
and the right direction.

Al Frazzini has given over
20,000 lessons. He has
dedicated his teaching career
to helping golfers improve their golf swings.

Life Member Al Frazzini of the PGA of America has enjoyed a teaching career for five decades. A former PGA and Caribbean Tour player, Al has successfully enabled thousands of beginners to Touring Professionals to improve their swings and games.

His Teaching Philosophy is rooted in the concept begun by Ernest Jones, one of the original inductees into the World Golf Hall of Fame. It has been kept alive through enhanced application by Manuel de la Torre, one of the most respected teachers in the country. In 1986, Manuel became the first ever recipient of the PGA Teacher of the Year award presented by the PGA of America, and in 2005, he was elected to the World Teachers Hall of Fame at the World Golf Hall of Fame located in the World Golf Village, St. Augustine, FL. Al Frazzini continues the unique tradition of the "Concept" of "Swinging the Golf Club," as learned from these two "giants." The Concept easily facilitates the understanding and learning one's individual golf swing.

Your golf school experience with Al insures the benefits that accompany what is individually needed in knowledge and skill to improve your entire game. And you can take that with you when you return home.

Each student is taught to "Swing" the golf club the way s/he is able to swing it best. That promotes understanding the "feel of a golf swing", a prerequisite for skill level improvement. It is an experience, not a notion.

The happiest golfers on earth are the ones who, through their experiences with us, have come to know the positive mental approach to playing golf. They are among the hundreds of students, just like you, who have graduated from

Al Frazzini's Golf School.

When you enroll in one of Al's golf schools located in Orlando, Florida or
Hayward National Golf Club, you will learn the four basic fundamentals of proper ball striking and understand how to use those elements to improve your distance and direction. Should it be your first exposure, you will learn how the unique "Swinging the Golf Club" concept works for you.

The "Swinging the Golf Club" concept is embraced by some of the most successful touring professionals in the world. Among them are winners of several "Majors" and numerous PGA, Senior PGA and LPGA events. The concept can become part of your game too. Every golfer has his or her own swing. Learning to use your best swing is the key to better golf - Al Frazzini will help you find yours. You will be able to self correct and to improve your golf swing long after you return to your home course.

While attending the school each student will maximize his or her learning time. You will receive specific guidance in becoming aware of your goals. Al guarantees a student/teacher ratio of 3 to 1, or less. This is the most important factor in selecting the "right" school. All staff members are knowledgeable PGA professionals. They patiently make it easy to learn techniques with valuable explanations, demonstrations and teaching aids. Students are coached at their own pace. Beginning golfers are totally welcome.

Students are introduced to the ball flight principles. By understanding why the ball flies to the right or left of the target and how to correct those is the key to better ball striking. This is a major factor in lowering your golf score substantially. The learning concept is explained and demonstrated in a simple, uncomplicated manner by Al and his experienced PGA teaching staff.

Becoming a better ball striker is not the only reason for lower scores. Students must learn to transfer what they learn on the practice tee to the golf course. That's why it is important to be accompanied by your instructor on the course. You receive valuable guidance and instruction in shot and club selection. You learn a consistent pre-shot routine. A large part of your school time is learning the short game technique. Putting, chipping, pitching and sand play fundamentals are explained and demonstrated in their simplest explanations. You improve your technique through practice and lower scores.

Video taping with state-of-the-art cameras provides a quality instruction tool for each student during the school. Your video is reviewed with you by your instructor. Seeing yourself on video and where you are in the developmental process allows you to steadily improve your golf swing. Your video enhances the learning process and becomes a perpetual golf lesson. It goes home with you.

Quality of instruction for each student is paramount here. Therefore class size is limited to twelve students per week. You will experience personalized instruction in a small group atmosphere which accelerates your learning.