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From Roger and Vicki Kinney

Dear “Saint” Al,

We apologize for this being long overdue, but we wanted to tell you how helpful and beneficial your golf school was. We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated how patient, informative, and encouraging you were with us. Your years of experience in teaching surely showed in your challenge with us.

Your instructions were so very consistent and “right on the money” if we could just be consistent in following them…we’d be right on the money!

We continue to work on all you taught us and hope some day we can “swing the clubs” in the manner you have shown us. I (Vicki) have really seen a difference since you corrected my hands. I try very hard to make sure that it is correct before addressing my ball and it has really helped keep my balls straight. Al, you are in my head every time I golf!! Roger has really seen an improvement in his putting. He says “Kudos” to you.

Your golf school was an experience we will never forget, and as we continue to apply all we learned…it can only get better, right?

We hope you are feeling good, and all your tests turned out good.

Enclosed is a USB drive of the videos, unfortunately we caught a lot of wind noise. I hope the play ok for you. The black cover on the drive just slides back and insert into your computer.

Best wishes, and thank you again for a very enjoyable week.

Roger and Vicki Kinney

From Martin Vulag, New York , NY

Dear Al,

It was wonderful to see you this past week. Thank you ever so much for your help and your graciousness. My family and I refer to you as “Uncle Al” now.

As a relatively accomplished golfer I was unsure how much the method you profess which goes back to Manuel De La Torre and Ernest Jones would help. Although I always tried to “swing the clubhead” I thought that the grip you teach was “weak” and the entire club being in the center of your body rather than the shaft leaning forward a bit was “strange” and “unorthodox”. Boy was I wrong!!

When I came to see you in the Fall, I was a 4.7 handicap. The simple concepts you taught me based on principle (squared, centered, neutral) enabled me to drop my handicap to a 1.3!!! This was mostly due to rethinking my shortgame based on those principles. Now I am surprised when I DON”T get up and down. But I felt I could still improve so, when visiting my sister in Orlando last week I wanted to come and see you to improve my ball striking.

Sure enough, you immediately spotted the areas where I strayed and corrected my grip and positioning of my club. While I was adjusting to these changes I wasn’t striking the ball great all of the time but I knew that it was correct based on principle and on the way the club was moving as a result. Although I have not fully made the changes “mine” to the point where I am not thinking of them and thinking more of the target, the change in trajectory, consistency and contact tell me that I am very close to achieving my next level…becoming a scratch golfer!!! I am confident that by observing myself and adhering to the principles, I will soon achieve and surpass this goal.

I want to thank you for such a wonderful gift.


Martin Vulaj
August 19, 2008

From Manuel de la Torre, from the Beginning

From Helen Atter, Jan. 2008

From Craig Bursey, Oct. 2007

Hi Al,

Just had to send you a note of thanks for the week of lessons in Oct 2007.   I originally had some doubt, figuring just because your name was on the school doesn't mean you'll be the one giving the lessons. Turns out no worries, a week of lessons from Al Frazzini.  Thanks for making the arrangements, the accommodations and golf course where great, glad I stayed a few extra days to enjoy them.

I really got to thank you for saving my back, it no longer hurts after playing 18 holes.  My new swing has it now that I could play 36 holes with no problems. But what's got to be the very best thing, is that I've only 3 putted once since having to hang up my clubs in late November due to snow.  Once!!  I used to 3 putt more then twice a round before taking your lessons and it's all thanks to you.  The  next best thing is Manuel  de la Torre's book you told me to buy.  It's the User's Manual for my new golf game just like I have a user's manual for my snow blower.  Doesn't 5, 8, wheels don't 2, topping the 8.  It's great!!   It's like having you standing next to me telling me to stop swinging so hard or to follow through completely.  I guess I haven't heard that enough yet.  ha ha

Thanks Al, I really mean it.  I had fun, learned a lot, play better golf, got great value for my money and took lessons from someone who played on the PGA cool is that!!

Craig Bursey
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

From Tom Logan, Nov. 2007

From Michael Atter, Nov. 2007

From Lloyd McCollum, Jan. 2007

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