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When you participate in Al Frazzini's Golf School, you get serious, competent, top level instruction, from the man who's name is on the school...Al Frazzini. At my golf school you will discover, in depth, the Concept and Methodology originated by “World Golf Hall of Fame member Teachers", Ernest Jones and Manuel de la Torre. Jones’ book "Swing the Clubhead" and de la Torre’s book, "Understanding the Golf Swing" have earned their own privilege as classics.

Through more than 40 years of mentoring and close association with Manuel de la Torre, we have acquired a thorough, comprehensive understanding of Ernest Jones’ concept of “Swinging the Golf Club.” It ranks as the unequalled and simplest teaching approach for golfers seeking to enjoy an improving, lower-scoring swing and game. That is brought to you through coaching to your own individual strengths.

The applied knowledge you gain will allow continued, permanent IMPROVEMENT with your game. It will result in a golf swing that “happens” EASILY AND REPEATEDLY – a benefit from our years of teaching many well-rewarded and satisfied players.

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We expect you to be equally enriched at our school. It is our privilege to make that possible for each student who chooses to learn with us.

Al Frazzini
PGA, Life Member

The December 2000 issue of Florida's Golf Newspaper, noted that Al Frazzini was voted one of Florida's top 10 Golf Instructors as reported by the Blue Ribbon Survey Group.

Al Frazzini's Golf Schools are located in Kissimmee near Orlando, Florida and
in Hayward, Wisconsin